The Best of ‘Art on a Postcard’ 2015 Boxset

Missed out on your favourite postcard in this year’s Art on a Postcard Auction.  Well, now you can own the next best thing…

The Best of Art on a Postcard 2015 Postcard Boxset


80 of the most popular cards from Art on a Postcard 2015

All postcards are exclusive to Art on a Postcard and presented in a black A6 cardboard box made from recycled card with paper from sustainable forests.

Artists in the box include

Harland Miller, Xenz, David Shillinglaw, John Wragg RA, Mick Rooney RA, Georgia Peskett, Vanessa Gardiner, Nici Bungey, Janet Archer, Marion Archer, Mark Peppe, Robert James Clarke, Alice Leach, Erin Smith, Alicia Rothman, Carl Moore, Harriet Horton, Lois Wallace, Herra Kahn, Rebecca McLynn, Jane Bustin, Jane Rye, Becky Allen, Tom Beard, Susan, William Blanchard, Virginia Verran, Stuart Semple, Xenz, Danny O’Conner, Schoony, Nick Bridstone Baker, Jessica Jane Charlston, Mandy Payen, Alicia Rothman, John Hobbs, Daisy Cook, Pang, South London Artist Dan, Ceal Warnants, Carol Hodder, Carol Robertson, Trevor Sutton, Carys Evans, Dion Salvador LLoyd, Kate Sherman, Tristan Piggot, Tony Noble, Pippa Blake, Neil Pittaway. Rowan Newton, Nici Bungey, Chantal Joffe, Twinkle Troughton, Tinsel Edwards, Natsko Seki, Anita Klein, Donna McLean, David Bray, Tooney Phillips, Ray Richardson, Mark Powell, Steve Quinn, Tom Beard, David Moore, Jessica Wilson, Andew Mcintosh, Nicholas Blanning, Deborah MacMillan, Gavin Turk, Ian Francis



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