Home and Away

I recently received a lovely complimentary email from a client.  Here is an excerpt from his email…

Dear Ceal,
I attended a private view of the Jealous prize winners at the Saatchi Gallery this week and browsing the gallery I was drawn to your ‘Let’s Riot’ print, which was also on display. I kept returning to look at it and ended up taking a print home with me – an expensive ‘free’ show!
The image of the kids going off to ‘riot’ and the impression it gave to me to remember that as children we would act on impulse without too much thought of danger or what could go wrong struck a chord with me.
I just need to frame the print now so that it can be hung in the hallway.
Kind regards,

I asked James if he would mind sending me a picture of the piece in situ and he kindly obliged.  Here it is…

Let's RiotIt is so rare to see where your work ends up once it has been sold.  It is wonderful for an artist to see.  Thank you James.

Jealous Gallery have been running a similar project on their Facebook Page.  I have rifled through their collection and found a few more to add to mine.

Here is another ‘home’ pic…

10247462_739986349355067_2327770138178457314_nI love this.  I have always wanted a wall of books.

Here you can see my work, amongst other Jealous prints, hanging in the wonderful-looking Monbijou Hotel in Berlin.

971371_737590892927946_2035823118690728214_n 10153262_737590859594616_3326688967285577050_nAnd if you can remember as far back as Christmas 2012, then you may remember this commission I did for Kate, entitled ‘Super!’.

IMG-20130404-00381IMG-20130404-00382 copy Have you bought one of my prints?  If so, I’d love to see it in position.  Please send any images you have of my work in situ to the email address on my website.  I’d be forever grateful and I’ll make sure it ends up right here!


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