A quick mention in the Telegraph, thanks to Angie Lewin.

Angie Lewin TelegraphI have set up a Google Alert for my name.  Sad I know.  However, I would miss little gems like this one if I hadn’t, so there!

The Scottish home of Simon and Angie Lewin,  a truly inspirational printmaker and textile designer and fellow Jealous artist is featured in the Telegraph and lo and behold ‘Shotgun Clare’ can be seen hanging on their dining-room wall.  What a treat.  I get a nice little mention too and feel honoured to hang next to Angie’s own work and that of David Faithfull, Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton, and in such a beautiful home.  Proper made my day.

Thanks Angie and Simon.   You can find more of Angie’s textile designs and other lovely things here.

Angie Lewin Telegraph 2 Angie Lewin Telegraph 3All images courtesy of the Telegraph and Huntley & Hedworth.

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