Watercolour Challenge… accepted and completed.

A while ago I posted about my own watercolour challenge here.  I have finished the pieces now.  The whole process takes a little while as I have to distress the paper in the oven to lend it an air of authenticity.  When I first used this technique nearly 10 years ago (for ‘Stories for Bedtime’) I had it down to fine art but have since lost all of my notes, so it was a steep learning curve.  However, I think I got it just right which is fortunate.  A friend once told me that every minute in the oven was worth a year of aging so I have aged these pieces of paper by about 45 years taking us back to 1968.  Although this ‘fact’ may well be a load of rubbish.  Perhaps they should be in the time machine/oven for a little longer next time.  Anyway, here are the results and a quick pic of my pigment test (I wasn’t sure how watercolour would cope at high temperatures).  They are now ready for framing so I will post those pics soon too.  I am, however, moving house very soon so it may take a while for me to update.

Etiquette-for-Girls-Colour-A4-a-of-5   Well,-Really-A4-Colour-a-of-5-for-web  Dulcima-the-Desperate-COlour-A4-a-of-5-for-webSome details…




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