The Secret is Out…

RCA Secret has been and gone yet again.  Here was my contribution this year.  ‘Inked’ is a work in progress so look out for the finished piece coming soon.


What can happen on a rectangular shape?


On postcards, colours are sewn up to dress the world. Threads, seemingly without meaning, are made into elaborate inventive garments.


Material forms come into view and frame concrete figures, outlining actions and things so that they become easily recognisable, revealing the unfolding of a playful mind. Tangible objects disappear and leave room for the abstract lines and fragments made by their creator.


The here and now can be taken back to faraway places and moments. A postcard may recall childish feelings and events, or images seen once on TV.


Something of our habits, manias and favourite symbols can be revealed too. Postcards are collected, sometimes become fetishes. They can reveal those layers of our selves, those characteristics and peculiarities on which we rarely linger. Thus, a thought is roused.


Giulia Damiani
Critical Writing in Art & Design, RCA

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