“There Will Be No Slow Motion” | Aspex Gallery | 18th July – 5th September

I will be in a group show at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth called “There Will Be No Slow Motion” a quote taken from Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution will not be televised”.  The exhibition is about the explosive nature of revolution.  They have chosen to show ‘Shotgun Clare’, ‘Let’s Riot’ and ‘On British Youth’ as the detonative centrepiece of the exhibition.

There Will Be No Slow Motion

Vanessa Bullick, Carys Davies, Ashley Joseph Edwards, Patrick Gildersleeves, Stella Harding, Ceal Warnants, June Zhuuk.

This exhibition continues to explore the question aspex is asking – What’s Your Revolution? and was inspired by society’s often explosive reaction that occurs during a revolt. The show is a response to both Suki Chan’s A Hundred Seas Rising and Gil Scott Heron’s, 1970 poem and song, The Revolution will not be Televised.

There will be no Slow Motion is a showcase of cutting-edge contemporary fine-craft and design. In this exhibition you can see the lighting of the fuse, the twists of tension as the spark travels towards the dynamite, the climactic explosion of energy, and finally it ends with work that reflects what happens afterwards, when the revolution has become exhausted and we are left with something smouldering and exciting. Taking the good with the bad we are rushing to explore this parallel.

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