Ceal’s @ Heal’s… some details.

Pop-Up Print Studio Launches at Heal’s

For one week only from 30th January until 5th February 2012, North London’s Jealous Gallery and Print Studio is set to take up residence in the windows of Heal’s flagship Tottenham Court Road store, turning the area into a live studio space where original and limited edition artworks will be created.

Featuring artists such as Jayoon Choi and Diana Taylor – and showcasing the Jealous Needs You initiative – Jealous at Heal’s will see the window space split into three distinct areas, each of which will play host to 3-4 different artists who will be printing editions live on site, building up the walls and windows and keeping the showcase space active and exciting throughout the week.

This highly interactive and creative project will allow customers to chat to the artists, illustrators and designers on-site, and in some cases take part in the process by personalising and printing their own editions. Prices for small prints range from £35 to £600.

Throughout the event, customers will also have the opportunity to print their own ‘moustache mask’ – designed by Damien Weighill. There will be approximately six moustache shapes to choose from and a rainbow selection of inks to print them with. You’ll be able to print them yourself by hand on stiff card stock. When dry, the prints are attached to lollipop sticks so that they can be held, like a masquerade mask, in front of the face. These ‘moustache masks’ will be free to make and to take away, and will be available at all times throughout the week.

Customers will also be able to pull their own prints of Jayoon Choi’s line drawings, made of passers-by on the street outside Heals. These will be screenprints, in black ink on white paper.

The Jealous Gallery team will working throughout the entire week at the Pop-Up Studio. You do not need tickets to attend the print studio space or to take part in any of the printing sessions. Further details on the times and dates will follow shortly. Please check back, or contact marketing@heals.co.uk for further details.

The artists taking part in the Jealous Gallery at Heal’s project are:

Jayoon Choi: Jayoon Choi’s tiny images of people waiting, walking, talking and embracing are all drawn from life, focusing on everyday, unguarded moments observed by the artist and captured in a few seconds of sketching. Jay, a graduate of the illustration course at Camberwell College of Art in 2008, plans to draw live onto the windows of our TCR store over the final weekend of Jealous at Heal’s, and will be drawing in the space throughout the week. Every day, screens will be made from her drawings. These will be printed, trimmed, edition stamped, framed and signed on site for visitors to take away.

Andrew Curtis: Andrew Curtis was chosen as our Jealous Graduate Print Prize winner in 2009 from the MA Printmaking course at the Royal College of Art. He was selected to exhibit in 2009’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, featured in Catlin Guide 2009 and awarded numerous other print awards. His work explores the suburban landscape, using motifs of shadow and obscured viewpoints to present a complex reading of the everyday environment.

Adam Dix: Adam Dix has enjoyed notable success since graduating from the MA Fine Art course at Wimbledon College of Art in 2009. He won the Jealous Graduate Print Prize, was shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize, and in October 2010 his work was selected for group show ‘Transmission’ at the Haunch of Venison. His work manages to be both nostalgic and inspired by science fiction, and explores the associations between technology and our fascination with it.

Sarah Fotherington: Working in a wide range of disciplines, including illustration, advertising and set design, Sarah Fotheringham’s work often features birds – some exotic, some from the back garden and some unique creations, influenced in part by her memories of bird-watching with her father. Her edition for Heals will be composed of 200 tiny drawings of peacocks, screen printed and finished with a layer of gold metallic inked combs on the peacock’s heads.

Ian Gonczarow: Born in Lancashire in 1975, Ian Gonczarow is a graduate of the MFA Art Practice at Goldsmiths University and has been living and working in London since 2006. In 2008 Ian was selected to represent Goldsmiths in the Red Mansion Art Prize. This involved showing his work at the Slade Research Centre in Woburn Place, and featured in the 2010 BBC4 documentary, ‘Goldsmiths – Is it Art?’ Jealous chose Ian as its Graduate Print Prize winner in 2009 and he has collaborated regularly with the gallery since then.

Eddie King: Eddie King previously worked on album artwork and promo material for original punk band The Clash. Eddie’s work retains the core element of social commentary that was being used in paste-ups and stencils long before Banksy came along. All of Eddie’s prints are made from hand spray painted artwork and hand cut stencils, maintaining the techniques used in steel graffiti.

Simone Lia: After completing her BA at the University of Brighton and her MA at the Royal College of Art, illustrator and comic artist Simone Lia went on to write and illustrate books for children, as well as penning graphic novels. Simone’s stories have a regular ‘cast of characters’, including a wilful sausage, a carrot, a chip who doesn’t speak, a bean and bunnies of various shapes and sizes. These characters have had their own strips in The Independent and The Guardian. She recently completed a new graphic novel, ‘Please God, Find Me A Husband!’ which will be available in April 2012, published by Jonathan Cape.

Amanda Marie:American artist Amanda Marie Ploegsma, known simply as Amanda Marie, has been living and painting in Colorado since 2001, while exhibiting extensively in the US and Europe. Working with spray paint and stencils she uses the recurrent image of a wholesome-looking boy and girl – reminiscent of iconic mid-20th century childrenʼs books – to represent an idealised image of American childhood, but then places her characters in a range of surreal and unexpected scenarios.

Sara Pope: Sara Pope started painting in 2009, having previously worked in the magazine industry and the fashion industry as an art director and shoe designer. For Jealous at Heals we will be screen printing artworks based on Sara’s striking and memorable Lips paintings, which feature dribbling layers of ink and gloss varnishes.

Diana Taylor: Jealous awarded Diana Taylor its Graduate Print Prize in 2010. Her other honours include being chosen for the 2010 Abbey Scholarship in Painting at the British School at Rome and as a finalist in the 2009 Fringe MK Painting Prize. Diana gained a BA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University College in 1999, going on to graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art with an MFA in Painting in 2010. During the five years in between she taught art and design. For her Jealous at Heal’s project Diana plans to complete a complex print on birch ply, live in the store window.

Ceal Warnants: Ceal Warnants’ work is both darkly comic and disturbingly truthful. Since graduating from The Royal College of Art MA course in 2008 she has set about exploring the darker side of British culture, focusing particularly on ideas of youth and innocence. She creates unsettling, subversive images of childhood that question nostalgic, saccharine depictions of growing up.

Damien Weighill: Hailing from the North East of England Damien Weighill studied Graphic Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle before moving to London where his services as an illustrator have been commissioned by an impressive roster of clients, including Nokia, Argos, The Guardian, Marks & Spencer, Virgin Mobile, Microsoft, RBS, O2, French Connection and the Design Council. For the Heals project Jealous has asked Damien to create a series of giveaway ʻprint your ownʼ moustaches. He will also be producing screen prints of his work.

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