“Please, Do Not Disturb” | Less is More Projects | Paris

If you are in or around Paris at the end of this month until the beginning of December, do drop into Less is More Projects to see “Please, Do Not Disturb”.

Blurring the boundaries between the private and the public has always been the aim of our organization, mixing what is perceived as personal collections and belongings with transient/temporary installations and artists’ interventions. The debate on the increasingly narrowed distinctions between the artist’s studio and the gallery was firstly introduced in 1970 with Vito Acconci’s performance entitled ‘Room Piece’. He would, in this instance, move furniture and objects back and forth, from his New York apartment to his gallery eight blocks uptown, according to his will and need.
What is an exhibition space today? Is it a collection, a kaleidoscope, a collision of coincidences?
For its first official opening, Less is More Projects invites seven artists and gives them carte blanche in selecting and transforming what is in fact, not only an exhibition space but also a private/ domestic one. Unlike the pristine white cube-like, spiritual and aesthetic space of the gallery, we propose, as a stage, areas that are usually (spatially and mentally) peripheral. Table and chairs, sofa, desks and shelves, personal belongings and paraphernalia that creates a domestic interior are objects that can normally be seen as obstacles, but we think that they will also trigger a creative impulse. The artists themselves will respond to these site-specific challenges.

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