Urbane | Exam. | Transition Gallery

My latest sculpture “Urbane” debuted last night at Transition Galley in a superb group show called “Exam.”  The show continues until the 19th June, so if you didn’t make it to the private view there’s still a chance to see Edd Pearman’s third curatorial foray.

Warnants’ recent autobiographical work explores her feelings of social dislocation.  Raised in suburbia, she was sent to a private school where she was considered one of the ‘poorer’ attendees.  Later, at art school, Warnants was deemed too middle-class.  In recent years, the artist lives between Hackney and Peckham, two of the poorest areas of London, and works in a minimum wage factory job whilst simultaneously exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Arts and other prestigious galleries and institutions across the country and internationally.  ‘Urbane’ is a series of works that illustrate this perplexity through the stereotypes and clichés of a country known for its rigid and outmoded class system.

Here are some quick pics taken with my phone, proper pictures to follow…

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