Auction East @ Five Hundres Dollars, Vyner Street.

Do come along as it is all in a good cause!

Five Hundred Dollars presents AUCTION EAST, a silent auction in aid of The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre and the launch of KCAC’s Foreign Artist in Residence programme. Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre and Five Hundred Dollars hope to raise a significant sum at Auction East; all profits will be used to support contemporary artists in the UK and Nepal. With the current difficulties facing arts funding in the UK and Nepal, KCAC and Five Hundred Dollars both believe it is vital to provide artists with a creative platform on which to exhibit. Auction East aims to support small organisations such as Five Hundred Dollars and most importantly bring contemporary and innovative art to new audiences. The work on display at the exhibition has been generously donated by previous exhibitors at Five Hundred Dollars, the KCAC and many other new artists from around the UK, in what will prove to be a stimulating and individual exhibition with affordable works for everyone – with prices starting at £100. Including works generously donated by Ceal Warnants, Edd Pearman, George Harding, Grant Foster, Harry Pye, Hayley Lock, James Unsworth, Jock Mooney, John Stark, Kay Harwood, Nina Fowler, Perienne Christian, Stuart Pearson Wright and more.

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