B P Collins

I’m not totally clued up on this, but it would seem that B P Collins, a solicitors in Buckinghamshire and the Thames Valley, are currently showing  ‘Living Doll’ and ‘One Sick Puppy’ in their new meeting rooms, care of TAG Fine Arts.  So, if you are a guest of theirs, do pop in.

Following a major investment in its existing offices in Gerrards Cross at the beginning of 2008, B P Collins opened the Chalfont Suite – a new state-of-the-art group of meeting rooms, complete with the latest multimedia technology. This large open space exhibits artwork from a variety of sources for staff, clients and visitors to the firm to enjoy. This site showcases previous and current exhibitions.

B P Collins proudly presents contemporary modern art by emerging and established artists. Following the exclusive champagne preview on 27 May 2010, the exhibition will continue through until 27 August for guests of B P Collins to enjoy.

Curated by artist Wayne Warren and arranged in conjunction with TAG Fine Arts, this exhibition allows clients to explore the diverse and expressive world of leading modern artists, as well as new and burgeoning creative talent.

B P Collins

Chalfont Suite

Gerrards Cross


United Kingdom


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